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George Patton Book Cover

The name Patton has almost become synonymous with “General”, the two words have become nearly interchangeable in American history. When the name “General Patton” comes to mind we are automatically inundated with themes of strength, and tough resolution.

Patton was a man who seemed to embody the old American ethos’ of the rugged individual who shattered all expectations, decimated the status quo, and pulled himself up by his bootstraps, succeeding when all odds were against just because he was audacious enough to try. In his exploits Patton seems to loom larger than them all.


Inside you will read about…

✓ A Patent for Patton

✓ In Between War

✓ Operation Husky

✓ Invasion of Normandy

✓ Man of Controversy

✓ The Last Days of Patton

And much more!


But Patton was not some comic book superhero he was a real person, and just as flawed as the rest of us. He had his hopes and fears, he made his mistakes, and he lived his life. In order to order to understand Patton, you can’t focus on just one side of this larger than life personality; you have to take in the whole picture. This book allows you to do just that.

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George Patton Book Cover
George Patton Book Cover