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The Aztec Empire did not recoil from the face of an impending doom, they struggled faithfully. Destined to emerge from their humble beginnings, it grew into a highly-complex devoted civilization refusing to live at the mercy of more neighboring powerful rulers. Their powerful pocheca combed the valley for luxury items while markets dotted their lands.


Inside you will read about…

✓ Introduction

✓ How the Aztecs Are Portrayed and How Their History Survives

✓ Defining Moments and their Search to Expand and Save the World

✓ Their Philosophy: its Impact on Social Life and How it Served the Kings

✓ Conclusion


Isolated from the Old World until the devastating Spanish conquest, the Aztec mācēhualtin (commoners) and nobles enhanced their positions while kings and relentless warriors dealt with the political realities of powerful dynasties and rivaling kingdoms. They developed a philosophy, an order and a society built on loyalty, stoic honor and sacrifice as they embraced the temporary nature of things. Investigate the era of the Fifth Sun and what defined the Aztecs and their relationship with the divine.

The Aztecs Book Cover

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The Aztecs Book Cover
The Aztecs Book Cover